NAT-ing enters my mind any more for today…

What have I learned today? SDM which is Security Device Manager, a GUI interface to configure a router. How to configure a router to route statically and dynamically using RIPv2 and I had to stop midway looking at NAT/PAT. I feel like throwing up digesting all these information in one day.

Man I can’t wait to get hold of that adapter to usb so I can start connected to the console.

I am hoping I can get through OSPF videos before the month ends. My plan is get all the theoretical stuff out of the way and just concentrate with the labs until November.

I have this song going on in my mind over and over since the week started. It’s Clarity by Zedd feat. Foxes. I’ve known Zedd since I was in the US, he’s been on my playlist when I used to DJ.

Let the LABS Begin!!!

This morning my CCNA kit arrived, containing the switches, routers, cables etc. Just plugged them all in and checked if they are working and I am currently burning them in.  I still have to borrow a adaptor that converts the rs232 port to usb so I can plug it in my laptop. 

Last night I promised myself I won’t be doing any reading or studying just to give myself a break. I can’t help myself it feels like its an addiction. Addiction to studying? Is there such a thing? Oh well, last night I was still in VLANs and did a simulation on Packet Tracer. I still can’t get myself to set up my GNS 3 no matter how most people think its better than Packet Tracer. 

Now I have to figure where to place my gear in the house. Knowing my wife, she doesn’t want these guys lying just on the floor where anyone can just trip on the cables. I have a week to figure that out…

Brain dead

Today I plan to study vlan, after church and lunch I went straight to the state library and grabbed CCNA for dummies. Well, the way the book is written is indeed for dummies. Not in a bad way, but its more like its easier to understand though I am not sure that if you use this you’ll pass the exam. 

The library was jammed packed(surprisingly) so i had to settle on one of those coffee tables. However, it must be the heating system the air seems stuffy so I didn’t last very long. Returning the book on the shelf I found a Cisco book and bingo! It was an manual on configurations. Bad news is since its a state library you can’t take any books out. I probably will come back for it tomorrow. 

Got home, planning to take a nap but my wife “vibered”. I hate being alone at home for weeks now. The only advantage I see in this situation is I get to finish more school stuff. Though I notice that it’s been taking a while for me to get some topics. like yesterday when I was trying to read on vlans I didn’t realise it was almost midnight and I am still trying to get my head around it. I am getting so rusty in this…

I was trying out something in Packet Tracer, configuring port security using switch port-security commands. Is it me or my switch can’t read set up a mac address table of the NICs thats connected to it? I tried configuring a port to just have a particular mac address but its not doing it. I will try again later.

So far I am getting myself used to setting up a 2960 switch via packet tracer because its the actual gear that i have. I am still waiting for my lab kit to come in the mail hopefully tomorrow. Getting used to configuring everything from setting up host names and passwords, encrypting everything and disabling telnet, only using ssh.

Tonight or tomorrow I wanna try vlan and trunking vlans by creating 3 networks using two switches.   

Weekend Warrior

During my pre-TAFE days, it’s either off to the Gold Coast, shoot some rounds in the GC Gun Club, head off some where maybe the beach, visit some friends or just hang out. It has been weird since last week. Since my family went to the Philippines for an emergency and I am all by myself:( It’s been really weird being all by yourself. Its like the life in the US all over again…depressing. 

What’s a typical day for me since they left? uhm wake up late due to going to bed late, run off to school, if I am in the mood I will drop by the gym, leave school by 4, get home, study…study…until my brain bleeds and go to bed with anxiety hoping that I get everything done within the year. Anxiety from being all by myself as well. 

Weekends the best part. I wake up, turn on the laptop, watch some tutorials, breakfast, gym (if i am in the mood), read, go online to study, read, eat lunch, read, study, dinner, study….well today i just started a blog…so that’s something to add in the things to do. and its like this every freaking single day. Afraid of burning myself out a month into TAFE. 

Did some netacademy exams online for some reason I got 100% on two of them. yehey i guess. Re-learn OSI model and TCP/IP. It’s funny find so much joy on IP addressing, Subnetting, configurations and stuff but those two, it just utterly bore me to death. So I had to read, watch and learn all of it over and over until I get it. CBTNuggets doing a good job though of making me go through it. Its like I always ask myself “how will I use this OSI in a  real-world scenario?”. I just want to go ahead and study VLANs, trunking, IPv6, RIP etc. Unfortunately going through some practice CCNA exam, they would still cover OSI fundamentals so I just have to tough it out. 

Typically I would cook as a way to de-stress myself but since there’s ones here to eat what i’m cooking so why bother. 

Tomorrow I will be part of the tech team in church. I’ve always been curious about those AV stuff they have there. Back in the US, I used to install AV systems but not as advanced as what we have in church. Looking forward to get my hands in some neat hardware:) 


Gearing for CCNA ICDN1 100-101

I can’t help it, there would be times when I kick myself for not taking any certification back in the US when I had the chance. It is cheaper, convenient and you can easily get all the gears in preparation for anything. But in saying that, I have to stop there because its not going to help me at all. 

I looked into the Cisco website, and Rob also made mention of this during orientation that after September 2013 Cisco will be rolling out the new CCNA exams. After reading the documents provided it has changed a bit. Jeremy Cioara of CBTNuggets describes the new exam as “brutal” because they have added some advanced subjects that would be normally covered in CCNP. It is like having the old ICDN1 and ICDN2 compressed into the new ICDN1 exam and the new ICDN2 would be go deeper and would cover some CCNP stuff. 

I looked at the materials provided by TAFE and I am in disbelief that the lab workbook is dated 2007. Most of the lab work were in Windows XP. It was alright because the last revision of the old CCNA materials was in fact 2007. 

It is almost August and I am pretty sure I won’t be able to get the old CCNA in time. No time to fret and all I can do is prepare and gear up. As much as possible I want to take ICDN1 before the year ends. So here’s a list of the stuff I have in preparation for ICDN 100-101:


– ICDN1 and ICDN2 lab books provided by MSIT*

– ICDN1 and ICDN2 netacad online readings*

– CBTNuggets Videos by Jeremy Cioara 

– CISCO Routing and Switching ICDN1 100-101 & ICDN1 200-120 

– Youtube and Google (oh yeah!)


1x 1720 Router
2x 2610 Router 32D/8F
2x WS-C2950-24 Switch
2x WIC-1T
1x Console Cable
3x CAT5 Straight Through Ethernet Cables
1x CAT5 Crossover Ethernet Cables
5x Power Cables
1x DB60 DTE/DCE M/M Cable

ABN/GST Tax invoice included





-Packet Tracer

TAFE life….

I live near the city, like CBD is a bridge away from my apartment. Southbank TAFE is like a block away and the obvious move would be to enrol there right? Well to cut the long story short, I didn’t get in because according to QTAC I didn’t have enough documents to prove that I know how to speak or write in English. I won’t go into details any more on the steps I made to prove to them I know the language but I am sure I am writing this blog in english.

I ended up in MSIT Mt. Gravatt taking up Diploma in IT Networking. However before I can take the full 12 month course I have to go through Cert IV IT Networking. It will set me back another 6 months before taking the diploma. I told myself what the heck, might as well since I needed a refresher.

Saw the school for the first time, when I enrolled, it was alright though comparing it with the facilities in Southbank TAFE, Southbank has newer equipment I guess. Went to orientation and got a bit disappointed with the first week. It was like back in Uni all over again, I guess that’s the norm all over the world (I am assuming it is). Classes keep on changing, I have no idea where my rooms are. The first week was a total mess.

The only thing that got me excited was during one of the orientation with Rob. He made an introduction about MSIT being a CISCO academy and the possibilities. I got excited when he mentioned about getting a 50% discount on the CCNA exam if you atleast get 75% of the school’s final exam. But that was it…

The following week, it was alright though there’s still some confusion with classrooms and I had to transfer to the class. Honestly I did it because I had a strong feeling that if I stayed on with that class, it would not help me at all advance what I currently know. I had to surround myself atleast with people who are there to learn better yet has the intention of taking up certification after wards.

I was so pumped up to get into my CISCO class, they started providing the lab book and access to CISCO’s network academy. During my free time I would start reading ahead. I wanted to cover much ground as possible before class started. To my disappointment, I wasn’t happy with the teacher. Having an experience in working in an academic environment, I know if someone is so lost….I guess its all up to me now, I have been in this situation before back in Uni, you get good teachers and bad teachers it just so happens that my favourite subject had a bad one.

TAFE life is no different from Uni life that’s for sure….

The journey from I.T. to Kitchen and back….

The road to CCNA began a couple of months ago when I finally decided to quit hospitality and get back into IT. It’s been close to a decade now since I graduated in Uni and yes I have been involved into some IT work back in the US but since the recession, I had no choice but to lead a job in hospitality.

I thank my wife for patiently convincing me go back to my roots. A couple of months ago I went for a holiday in the Philippines and after some reflection I realised I can’t be in my currently industry (hospitality) forever.

Going back to Australia, I immediately drafted my 2 week notice and started reading up. The thing with technology is, once you’ve been away for a while, you’re going to miss a lot and you have to do some catching up. 

I went job hunting and to be honest, I wasn’t confident in terms of skills any more. I know its still in me but I know I am so rusty I am going to stuff it up. Called up some mates in the programming circle, I was honest enough to tell them I am a bit rusty and I was willing to be taken in as an apprentice. Tim, who owns this programming firm told me he’ll get back to me soon.

Maricar was telling me to go back to school like TAFE to update myself with what’s going on. I was torn between waiting for Tim’s reply and just go on and catch up with my programming skills or enrol in TAFE. Well I got impatient and for some reason I ended up in Networking…

It has been a weird but fun roller coaster ride in terms of my career in IT. Eventually if I get the time I will get to write about it. I am starting this blog I guess to journal this journey back into this crazy industry. My purpose is…I am not sure yet…maybe as a way of venting stuff…maybe someone out there is in the same boat as I am. A person almost in his 40s venturing back. If I get through this, maybe you can learn a thing or two from it.