TAFE life….

I live near the city, like CBD is a bridge away from my apartment. Southbank TAFE is like a block away and the obvious move would be to enrol there right? Well to cut the long story short, I didn’t get in because according to QTAC I didn’t have enough documents to prove that I know how to speak or write in English. I won’t go into details any more on the steps I made to prove to them I know the language but I am sure I am writing this blog in english.

I ended up in MSIT Mt. Gravatt taking up Diploma in IT Networking. However before I can take the full 12 month course I have to go through Cert IV IT Networking. It will set me back another 6 months before taking the diploma. I told myself what the heck, might as well since I needed a refresher.

Saw the school for the first time, when I enrolled, it was alright though comparing it with the facilities in Southbank TAFE, Southbank has newer equipment I guess. Went to orientation and got a bit disappointed with the first week. It was like back in Uni all over again, I guess that’s the norm all over the world (I am assuming it is). Classes keep on changing, I have no idea where my rooms are. The first week was a total mess.

The only thing that got me excited was during one of the orientation with Rob. He made an introduction about MSIT being a CISCO academy and the possibilities. I got excited when he mentioned about getting a 50% discount on the CCNA exam if you atleast get 75% of the school’s final exam. But that was it…

The following week, it was alright though there’s still some confusion with classrooms and I had to transfer to the class. Honestly I did it because I had a strong feeling that if I stayed on with that class, it would not help me at all advance what I currently know. I had to surround myself atleast with people who are there to learn better yet has the intention of taking up certification after wards.

I was so pumped up to get into my CISCO class, they started providing the lab book and access to CISCO’s network academy. During my free time I would start reading ahead. I wanted to cover much ground as possible before class started. To my disappointment, I wasn’t happy with the teacher. Having an experience in working in an academic environment, I know if someone is so lost….I guess its all up to me now, I have been in this situation before back in Uni, you get good teachers and bad teachers it just so happens that my favourite subject had a bad one.

TAFE life is no different from Uni life that’s for sure….

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