The journey from I.T. to Kitchen and back….

The road to CCNA began a couple of months ago when I finally decided to quit hospitality and get back into IT. It’s been close to a decade now since I graduated in Uni and yes I have been involved into some IT work back in the US but since the recession, I had no choice but to lead a job in hospitality.

I thank my wife for patiently convincing me go back to my roots. A couple of months ago I went for a holiday in the Philippines and after some reflection I realised I can’t be in my currently industry (hospitality) forever.

Going back to Australia, I immediately drafted my 2 week notice and started reading up. The thing with technology is, once you’ve been away for a while, you’re going to miss a lot and you have to do some catching up. 

I went job hunting and to be honest, I wasn’t confident in terms of skills any more. I know its still in me but I know I am so rusty I am going to stuff it up. Called up some mates in the programming circle, I was honest enough to tell them I am a bit rusty and I was willing to be taken in as an apprentice. Tim, who owns this programming firm told me he’ll get back to me soon.

Maricar was telling me to go back to school like TAFE to update myself with what’s going on. I was torn between waiting for Tim’s reply and just go on and catch up with my programming skills or enrol in TAFE. Well I got impatient and for some reason I ended up in Networking…

It has been a weird but fun roller coaster ride in terms of my career in IT. Eventually if I get the time I will get to write about it. I am starting this blog I guess to journal this journey back into this crazy industry. My purpose is…I am not sure yet…maybe as a way of venting stuff…maybe someone out there is in the same boat as I am. A person almost in his 40s venturing back. If I get through this, maybe you can learn a thing or two from it.  


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