Weekend Warrior

During my pre-TAFE days, it’s either off to the Gold Coast, shoot some rounds in the GC Gun Club, head off some where maybe the beach, visit some friends or just hang out. It has been weird since last week. Since my family went to the Philippines for an emergency and I am all by myself:( It’s been really weird being all by yourself. Its like the life in the US all over again…depressing. 

What’s a typical day for me since they left? uhm wake up late due to going to bed late, run off to school, if I am in the mood I will drop by the gym, leave school by 4, get home, study…study…until my brain bleeds and go to bed with anxiety hoping that I get everything done within the year. Anxiety from being all by myself as well. 

Weekends the best part. I wake up, turn on the laptop, watch some tutorials, breakfast, gym (if i am in the mood), read, go online to study, read, eat lunch, read, study, dinner, study….well today i just started a blog…so that’s something to add in the things to do. and its like this every freaking single day. Afraid of burning myself out a month into TAFE. 

Did some netacademy exams online for some reason I got 100% on two of them. yehey i guess. Re-learn OSI model and TCP/IP. It’s funny find so much joy on IP addressing, Subnetting, configurations and stuff but those two, it just utterly bore me to death. So I had to read, watch and learn all of it over and over until I get it. CBTNuggets doing a good job though of making me go through it. Its like I always ask myself “how will I use this OSI in a  real-world scenario?”. I just want to go ahead and study VLANs, trunking, IPv6, RIP etc. Unfortunately going through some practice CCNA exam, they would still cover OSI fundamentals so I just have to tough it out. 

Typically I would cook as a way to de-stress myself but since there’s ones here to eat what i’m cooking so why bother. 

Tomorrow I will be part of the tech team in church. I’ve always been curious about those AV stuff they have there. Back in the US, I used to install AV systems but not as advanced as what we have in church. Looking forward to get my hands in some neat hardware:) 


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