Brain dead

Today I plan to study vlan, after church and lunch I went straight to the state library and grabbed CCNA for dummies. Well, the way the book is written is indeed for dummies. Not in a bad way, but its more like its easier to understand though I am not sure that if you use this you’ll pass the exam. 

The library was jammed packed(surprisingly) so i had to settle on one of those coffee tables. However, it must be the heating system the air seems stuffy so I didn’t last very long. Returning the book on the shelf I found a Cisco book and bingo! It was an manual on configurations. Bad news is since its a state library you can’t take any books out. I probably will come back for it tomorrow. 

Got home, planning to take a nap but my wife “vibered”. I hate being alone at home for weeks now. The only advantage I see in this situation is I get to finish more school stuff. Though I notice that it’s been taking a while for me to get some topics. like yesterday when I was trying to read on vlans I didn’t realise it was almost midnight and I am still trying to get my head around it. I am getting so rusty in this…

I was trying out something in Packet Tracer, configuring port security using switch port-security commands. Is it me or my switch can’t read set up a mac address table of the NICs thats connected to it? I tried configuring a port to just have a particular mac address but its not doing it. I will try again later.

So far I am getting myself used to setting up a 2960 switch via packet tracer because its the actual gear that i have. I am still waiting for my lab kit to come in the mail hopefully tomorrow. Getting used to configuring everything from setting up host names and passwords, encrypting everything and disabling telnet, only using ssh.

Tonight or tomorrow I wanna try vlan and trunking vlans by creating 3 networks using two switches.   

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