NAT-ing enters my mind any more for today…

What have I learned today? SDM which is Security Device Manager, a GUI interface to configure a router. How to configure a router to route statically and dynamically using RIPv2 and I had to stop midway looking at NAT/PAT. I feel like throwing up digesting all these information in one day.

Man I can’t wait to get hold of that adapter to usb so I can start connected to the console.

I am hoping I can get through OSPF videos before the month ends. My plan is get all the theoretical stuff out of the way and just concentrate with the labs until November.

I have this song going on in my mind over and over since the week started. It’s Clarity by Zedd feat. Foxes. I’ve known Zedd since I was in the US, he’s been on my playlist when I used to DJ.

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