Let the LABS Begin!!!

This morning my CCNA kit arrived, containing the switches, routers, cables etc. Just plugged them all in and checked if they are working and I am currently burning them in.  I still have to borrow a adaptor that converts the rs232 port to usb so I can plug it in my laptop. 

Last night I promised myself I won’t be doing any reading or studying just to give myself a break. I can’t help myself it feels like its an addiction. Addiction to studying? Is there such a thing? Oh well, last night I was still in VLANs and did a simulation on Packet Tracer. I still can’t get myself to set up my GNS 3 no matter how most people think its better than Packet Tracer. 

Now I have to figure where to place my gear in the house. Knowing my wife, she doesn’t want these guys lying just on the floor where anyone can just trip on the cables. I have a week to figure that out…

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