OSI horrors

Last night I have decided to put a little structure in my studying by putting everything on a calendar and study a topic per day and sticking into it. Today being day one I am starting with OSI model.

I am not sure if its the topic or lack of sleep but I am so sleepy and bored and failing the practice exam. Nothing is entering my mind. I just want to sleep. May the technology Gods help me barrel through this day.

40days to go. I can do this….

OSI for breakfast

If there’s one technology related thing I hated about Australia is putting cap on internet. It was a long wait to have my internet up and running at full speed because I ran out more than 10 days ago. 

I am finally done with all Cbtnugget videos and just have to focus on readings. I acquired Todd Lammle’s CCNA study guide 7th edition and there’s just some stuff that you just can’t get by just watching videos. 40 day to go before exam day and I feel like i am still cramming, Still not passing the practice exams from dumps but some how I am getting the 9tut exams. I feel so not organize jumping from one topic to another whenever a thought would come to me. Let us say I am studying on the OSI model then a question would pop up about access list, I would then turn the page and read on ACL instead of just finishing the chapter on OSI. 

I am a little bit concern about my classmates who are also taking the test. by the end of this week, they are just starting on ICDN2 materials. I feel jules is taking it slowly and just relying on videos thinking it would be enough to pass. Friel has to figure out time to get all things done and studied amidst being a busy mom and student. I am just lucky my wife supports me and just lets me study whenever I can. Its not perfect but still I feel I am doing better than the rest. I can’t bother myself thinking about them right now when I can’t even sort out myself yet. 

1 month in TAFE, 1+ month for CCNA cert

I don’t remember the last time I entered a blog. reminds me of the multiply days when I would start on a week of blogging spree then all of the sudden stop when I get caught up with something. Finally booked my exam and its happening next month at the Gold Coast. I dont know, I don’t feel anxious more like excited. Curious how I will take the exam considering I have just been in TAFE in less than month. Is it? It feels like months actually its exactly a month now. 

I guess its in terms of prep materials I have everything from gear, simulators, tutorials, etc. It is really all up to me to cram everything in my head. Looking at my calendar I have more than a month ahead of me to get this done and I am almost done with my readings. Just a matter of going through practice exams and simulations. 

Maricar’s mom just passed away, its really unfortunate that it had to happen just when she got back to Brisbane. I guess in a way her mom just waited for her to go. From how I am seeing the funeral preparation its been in utter chaos with Maricar’s sister Stef in the middle of it. I am sure Mimi is somewhere safe and happy now with the Creator.

Aside from not learning anything from my CISCO class in TAFE, what else have I discovered a month in? Well project management proves to be useful for me. There’s lectures and lab work every Thursday which is good. If you read the subjects I  enrolled in this semester, I could actually just summarized it in 4 subjects: CISCO, SERVER, OHS and Project Management and most of it are lab work. Basically you are on your own, they will just provide the labs and materials.