1 month in TAFE, 1+ month for CCNA cert

I don’t remember the last time I entered a blog. reminds me of the multiply days when I would start on a week of blogging spree then all of the sudden stop when I get caught up with something. Finally booked my exam and its happening next month at the Gold Coast. I dont know, I don’t feel anxious more like excited. Curious how I will take the exam considering I have just been in TAFE in less than month. Is it? It feels like months actually its exactly a month now. 

I guess its in terms of prep materials I have everything from gear, simulators, tutorials, etc. It is really all up to me to cram everything in my head. Looking at my calendar I have more than a month ahead of me to get this done and I am almost done with my readings. Just a matter of going through practice exams and simulations. 

Maricar’s mom just passed away, its really unfortunate that it had to happen just when she got back to Brisbane. I guess in a way her mom just waited for her to go. From how I am seeing the funeral preparation its been in utter chaos with Maricar’s sister Stef in the middle of it. I am sure Mimi is somewhere safe and happy now with the Creator.

Aside from not learning anything from my CISCO class in TAFE, what else have I discovered a month in? Well project management proves to be useful for me. There’s lectures and lab work every Thursday which is good. If you read the subjects I  enrolled in this semester, I could actually just summarized it in 4 subjects: CISCO, SERVER, OHS and Project Management and most of it are lab work. Basically you are on your own, they will just provide the labs and materials. 

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