It has been a month and a few days since my last blog. I was so busy and stressed out with all the preparation for CCNA that to be honest, I have forgotten about this site. Yesterday I went for it. Went to my classmate’s house, there were three of us taking the exam. I gave myself more than 24 hours not to have anything to do with CISCO thinking it would relax me a bit. It came to a point that just looking at the book just bores me. Every time I try a practice exam the mere image that would come up I already know the answer. I got worried of memorizing the answers rather than trying to understand how it works. 

I just said to myself, I guess that’s enough. Its time to be in prayer mode because I’ve just done everything I believe that’s needed to be done to prepare for the exam. Read all advised books, videos and practice exams. Well I did pass and with a very pleasing score as well. I got 960/1000. 

It was a good mix of everything though I was expecting a lot of subnetting. I don’t remember using my subnet table that much. Of all the questions, I think there was only one question there that i’ve only encountered for the first time. The rest, well unbelievably I have seen in practice exams or books. 

Unbelievably I was done in less than an hour and some how I felt bad because I think my classmates panicked when they saw me raising my hand and left the testing room. I guess all that long hours of study really paid off because for me i found the exam easy. My daughter was probably right, she saw me always infront of a book or computer and she said “I bet you’ll get a high score on that test since you’re always studying”. It was prophetic:) 

What is next? I feel good about the exam, I feel like going straight to CCNP routing as soon as possible. I should start changing the name of blog then….

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