Feels like CCNA all over again….

Four days after passing my CCNA I feel like not wasting time and start studying for CCNP. Unlike CCNA, before getting CCNP you have to pass three exams namely routing, switching and tshoot. I have secured a copy of CCNP Routing from cisco press, I have GNS3 installed on my laptop and live gear that I rarely turn on because I can’t be bothered with cabling. 

While I was backing up my CCNA stuff I accidentally came upon this folder that contained CBT Nuggets videos on routing, God is truly amazing. So far I think I’ve got everything I need. I will apply the same strategy I did with CCNA: jump start myself with CBT Nuggets and just go deeper with the book and go through labs and practice questions on digitaltut.com which is the ccnp routing website of 9tut.com.

How I look at it, I can summarize CCNP route into a couple of topics: EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, redistribution and IPv6. It is not like CCNA where you have a myriad of topics, but routing is more focused but advanced topics that’s really going to test your skills. I have gone through the EIGRP videos, and so far I think I’m catching on. Probably because CCNA is still fresh and topics just added a couple of stuff like authentication, passive-interface and more goal oriented labs.

The plan is to get CCNP Routing between Dec and January…so here we go…again… 

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