It’s a long weekend ahead and today’s been spent going to Mooloolooba, not sure if I spelled that correctly to be out in the beach and drove afterwards to Sunny bank and go to a salon. I was able to catch a couple of CBTNuggets video on Redistribution and BGP. Oh man, this is so not CCNA level anymore. The CBT videos are only 15 hours long but it feels like going through all the CCNA ICDN1 and 2 videos combined. 

You get to learn new terms like tag, match, map etc new stuff that I don’t remember encountering in the CCNA level studies. It has been 10days since I passed the exam and it took me 2 months to do some hard core studying. With this one, I definitely need to go back to school and be surrounded by people to help me out. I have been doing labs via GNS3, only issue with GNS3 is that its acting up on frame relay sims. 

I’m too sleepy to even finish half of this video on BGP CBTNuggets. It’s been a long day. 

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