Redistributing Routes and CCNP route exam date

I have finally booked my CCNP route exam to Jan 15, 2014. How time flies, 2013 seemed like a short year. The exam will be at the city at 12:30nn. For some reason booking for exam around that time has been tough. Even the one at the Gold Coast has all the schedule for January all filled out until March. I can’t take CCNP after March that’s way too far and knowing myself I might just be tempted to studying or do something else. Might as well go straight to CCNP while CCNA is still fresh. 

So far I am done with OSPF labs, I haven’t mastered all the commands but I think I have a fair understanding of the core commands. Mykel, one of the tutors in school showed me the new lab manuals for CCNP published 2010. My lab was published a couple of years before that so I am playing with the idea of getting a copy. 

Moving on to Redistribution….now with a date on the exam…Its really official I am taking my first CCNP exam….here we go…again…

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