Route Map

This week went by so quickly. Covered a couple of labs on OSPF, redistribution, distribution list, prefix-list, route-mapping etc. It was nice of our Cisco teacher to lend me the ccnp switch and tshoot lab manuals though I really dont want to have anything to do with them. I just dont want to distract myself with unnecessary stuff while i am studying for ccnp route. 

I purchased the chris bryant ccnp crash course. For 99USD you get unlimited access to the course for a lifetime. I downloaded the CCNP Route mp3 so I can get to listen to him while driving. So now I have the following study materials:

  • CBT Nuggets CCNP Route training videos by Jeremy Cioara
  • CCNP Route training videos by Chris Bryant
  • Cisco Official CCNP Route Study Guide
  • Cisco CCNP Route Lab Manual

I haven’t attempted any practice exam since there’s just so much more things to cover. Just starting on BGP but going through different training materials all at the same time, each one has a different order/approach on teaching the subject. I have scheduled my exam on the 14th of January 2014. Would have wanted it somewhere in the 4th week of that month but limited slot are available. Everything is fully book for all Brisbane and Gold Coast testing centers so far until October. I can’t wait that long. 

I am playing with the idea of not pursuing Diploma next semester. The way i see it, I am not really learning a whoe lot in school. Most of what I know now are from self started training. If there’s one reason to continue on next sem, it would be because of being in a learning environment and having someone to ask if I am stuck on a topic (assuming someone knows the answer)…

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