CCNP Route Study Status

Its sunday morning almost 8am in Brisbane. Awake since 5:30am, had my usual coffee and cereal while everybody else is asleep. I am already holding on to my highlighter pen, reading my ccnp materials while watching youtube. Has this become an addiction already? I believe I am starting to lose a life here where all i do is study. It can be challenging sometimes when a thought would come in saying is it all worth it? Is it worth all this time putting up other things and just prepare yourself to an exam happening in less than 3 months?

This would have been better if I have a job. A job that revolves around networking but the fact is I am still a TAFE student. Studying my butt off over something that I hope will be of good use. 

Anyway as an update, I’ve finally understood IPv6 completely (i think) with all the routing and stuff. I have to work on a lot of stuff, going through the practice exams I am still clueless. ..

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