where I am in my studies

I think i have pretty much covered everything in terms of CBT nuggets stuff and most of the Cris Bryant CCNP on routing however, whenever i take the exam I still tend to fail some of it. Its getting frustrating. I even have access now to the CBT nuggets website and started watching some CCIE stuff hoping to cover some of the topics not covered that I am seeing on the practice exam.

So much going on right now, experiencing a flu. I was supposed to fly to the Philippines and assist my wife as she tries to extract her relatives out of the danger zone hit by Typhoon Hyian. Basically there’s no more properties there, everything got wiped out of the storm but thanks to friends, they are now in Manila with new stuff.

I have moved my schedule all the way back to Feb 4, 2014 but I am still sticking to the plan in the event i feel I am ready I will be taking the exam as soon as possible. I just want to get over and done with this.

I am praying for a job as well.

so far

I have rescheduled my exam to be a week later, so it’ll be on the 24th January 2014. With how things are going with my studies and personal life, those 7 days would make a huge difference. The good news is i’m starting to pick  up on passing my practice exams. yey! Getting familiar with my routing protocols specially with BGP, route redistribution and route policy. Still need a deeper understanding on IPv6 and VPN, after that hopefully I will be sweet. TAFE is about to finish which would give me more time to study up. If I am ready by December, hopefully I can take it then so that I can start 2014 with a month long break before I can start my study on CCNP switch. 

I will also start job hunting. praying really hard to get this job at TAFE to either tutor or teach. Working in an academic environment would give me an opportunity to study more.