The new year

It feels great hitting the gym, did some resistance training and cardio. Printing some stuff I need to get done and pass to immigration for a passport update. Later on I will be visiting TAFE to check how’s my application’s going and ask one my my teachers if I can use him as on of my references. I told myself definitely I will be taking that first CCNP exam no later than March 4, 2014. Hopefully to finish the entire CCNP R&S exam within 6 months is a huge task ahead. I it better than to fret about the thought I am still jobless. Better take advantage of this season atleast I have a reason on my resume for the gap.

The first month is almost over for 2014, geez how time flies so quickly. Goals for this year are:
– hit the gym more often, be more active of course to shed off more weight (I say this every year)
– get a great job
– hopefully get to see new places and meet new people
– read my Bible more often (which is one of those things I tell myself every year)
– get my CCNP R&S and who knows maybe CCIE or CEH, certified ethical hacker

Speaking of security stuff, I will be attending this on-line course on Security for the new 5 weeks. Thanks Richard for hooking me up with ITmasters. now all I need to do is remember I have a class every Wednesday evening for the next couple of weeks. oh well, here’s to a great year ahead for all of us.

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