I just read my recent post almost two weeks ago and here I am back with some great news (for myself). MSIT, my school just hired me to be one of their disability support worker. What I will basically do is I will assist some students with special needs with their IT subjects. I will be right there with them in class and help them out if needed on stuff they’ll find it hard to understand.

Maybe I was just in the right place at the right time when I got this job. I was just visiting TAFE to talk to my teacher, I think it has something to do with asking him if I can get him as one of my references. I made mention as well that I won’t be enrolling next semester and I am currently job hunting. Mykel, one my the tutors who was there during our conversation asked me how good and/or tolerant I was with people. I replied in a joking manner “I have a 14 year old daughter, would that suffice?”. He introduced me to Cathy, the head of student services and scheduled for an interview 3 days later. Come interview, I got hired as a casual and she said she’s would not mind if along the way I would find a better job and she’d recommend me to Helen the director of the IT department at TAFE.

My interview with Cathy took almost 2 hours, it was just delightful talking to her. I guess it helped a lot that we have the same Christian faith. I immediately rushed to one of the computer labs because I promised Rob (my networking teacher) I would help them out with setting up the classroom. To my surprise Rob said if I was ready for another interview with Helen. Of course, I would not say no to that. I met up with Helen and Rob, I think Helen was kinda impressed with my resume having to working in three countries but she pointed out I needed to have some Australian work experience to be able to teach. She did not ask much, I even felt she just wanted to talk to me just to get it over and done with to stop Rob from pushing my name on the list of candidates.

A few more days has passed, I missed a phone call from Rob asking me if I could send an updated version my resume where I could mention about my programming experience which I did. Yesterday at past 5 pm to my surprised I received the call from Helen letting me know I got a tutoring job:) I could have dual roles of a student support worker and a tutor because doing just one job won’t be enough to pay for our bills.

I am a bit excited, anxious maybe. I am starting to dream how it would be like during my first Australian class. I am pretty sure classes won’t formally start soon. Soonest would be after next week since they still need to sort out the schedules. Things are really looking good. CCNP Route exam is right round the corner, which is another reason I am starting to loose sleep.

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