Read, Write, Ask Questions, File, Think

Those were the five things that I wanted to memorize before going to sleep. They are the five things for leadership by John Maxwell. I guess this blog is the writing part of that 5 things. 

Anyway, I just received my preliminary schedule as a tutor at MSIT. So far its 13.5 hours but according to Rob there might still be changes. I still have to sort out my schedule as a student support worker. HOpefully I fill my max of 30hrs a week and for me that would be just epic. There is still this slight chance of me teaching a CISCO class with the Cert 4 students and I am keeping my fingers crossed on that one. I am very inspired to create instructional videos and post them over youtube or vimeo in the event I do get to have a class as a supplement but lets see how everything will pan out. 

Have been going through practice questions for CCNP route and if I feel confident by the end of this week I might just move my exam next week so I can have that out of the way and start studying for CCNAX…yes CCNAX. I need to brush up on some basic stuff so when students ask me I have an immediate answer. Amazing times are upon me, its exciting, it has been a while since I handled a class and its just a phenomenal transition from student to tutor and hopefully a teacher within just a span of 6 months. 

Once I get into the grove of CCNAX, I will start studying for CCNP switch and troubleshoot. It is funny to think that passing the CCNP route exam would make me the guy that has the highest certification of all the Networking teachers at TAFE. Another reason why i am motivated to study but again let us see how things roll.

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