Lost day for team delan

I wasn’t really happy with how my day went today. It seems like little by little I am learning the hard way in terms of tutoring a class. I am beginning to question what I really know in terms of Cisco. Maybe its just the lack of experience or the jitters of the first week. Jitters of teaching Australian kids/grown ups in a different environment, their turf. I am so tempted to be more of in control of my class rather than letting them do according to their time. 

Like today, I only have one class and it was suppose to run for 5 hours and it only ran for an hour. It was horrible. Worst part of it all was I let them be, I was trying to explain something about vlans and how switch would tag a packet from a PC, trunking and native vlans. I asked what would happened if the trunk port of two connected switch were on different native vlans. I said confidently based on what i just saw on cbtnuggets, that packets would be broadcasting and will be tagged by that other switch of its own native vlan….it was a disaster!!! Funny thing is there’s this question about how come I am in a wrong mask and at a glance I couldn’t figure it out, the answer was so simple that the student even gave me the answer itself. ggggrrrrrr…….

Its really a bad day today a total lost for team delan. The game plan for next week is a need to structure my time with them. 1 hour would be a review of their subnetting, 2 would be the vlan challenge, 3rd hour they can do whatever they want to do. unless I can think of something like having to get them something to do and they have to finish it within the day.  Friday is another day….I just want to finish this week, meet all my classes and re-group for the following week. 

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