Keen on getting instructional videos for my students

I discovered this new software from Microsoft called Expression Encoder where you can capture as much as 10 minutes of videos off your PC. I fairly decent and quality is comparable to Adobo Captivate (ridiculously expensive). I have been playing around with the idea of creating instruction videos for my students taking up CCNA and maybe put some CCNP stuff there as well. Let’s see how it will go. 

It’s a good way for me to practice my cisco skills at the same time added learning materials for my students. Specially those who are struggling with commands and understanding the technology. Inspiration comes from Jeremy Cioara/Keith Barker of CBTNuggets and Dan of dancourses. So excited for this new project. 

As far as studying for CCNP Route is concerned, I have been very distracted with other cisco related stuff like VoIP and Security but mostly playing around with KALI Linux. I have installed KALI in one of my spare atom laptops for pen testing. 

What’s on my to do list? I got CCNP Route (exam has been rescheduled for the nth time), Cert IV in Training and Assessment and maybe look for a more stable job. TAFE work schedule has been driving everyone nuts, plus i need full time hours. I feel like I have been working my butt off but not really recognized which can be a bit challenging most of the time. 

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