Tera Term, Xmodem & a 3560


One of the most annoying things that you can experience in a lab environment just when you are all set to configure a switch you find out that someone has intelligently wiped the entire OS on it. So this post is about how do you recover or should I say re-install a 3560 IOS to your wiped switch.

What you need:

  • Backed up 3560 .bin file
  • Windows 7 with tera term installed
  • your wiped 3560 switch (make sure you are installing the right .bin file to your switch)
  • roll-over cable

Plugged in my roll over cable at the console port of the switch and used tera term to gain access to the console. You’d know if the config is wiped if the first thing you see is: switch:

I copied my back up .bin file on my C: drive, and typed the following on the switch: prompt

set BAUD 115200

I am setting baud to this range or else its going to take me forever to transfer the file. Then on tera term go to:

set up > serial port… > then change the baud rate to 115200

Give the switch a minute for things to take into effect, don’t panic when you feel like the screen froze, that happened to me, I panicked thinking the screen’s not responding and I keep on restarting my work. Press enter a couple of times and you should have switch: displayed.

then type:

flash_init      note: some switches/routers have this activated already

copy xmodem: flash:<the image file>

Once you see CCCs displayed, on tera term menu click File > XMODEM > send

On the windows box, locate where your .bin file and make sure you choose CRC radio button. That’s it! To verify if .bin files were copied you can type:

dir flash:   and the .bin file should be there.

Depending on the link’s speed it may take up to 40minutes. Once everything is done. Do not forget to set the Baud rate back to 9200:

set BAUD 9200

You are almost there, last thing you need to do is type:

boot flash:<.bin file name>



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