PRTG, Its awesome

Its a few minutes past midnight crossing over to Tuesday. Had a short chat with the CEO of Bay Technologies over coffee last night. He gave me a 10000 foot view of what the company is all about and its plans to move into the cloud. I can’t really tell details yet since it is still a long way to go before anything can get into fruition. I just find it refreshing and amazing having a chance to chat with a CEO of a tech company. 

Anyway, this morning I finished all the remaining CISCO bridging materials for the diploma guys taking Networking. I covered SNMP, Syslog, Netflow and IOS 15. What really got me excited was when I made a demo of PRTG. It is an enterprise level network monitoring software that does everything for you. If I get the chance I will post a blog on how to set-up a simple router and have all sorts of monitoring sensors. Pretty cool stuff. 

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