To blog what I have learned

I have been writing and erasing blogs for the last couple of days. Despite just finishing an entire video series on CCNP switching by CBTNuggest I still feel like I am all over the shop. I need to put structure in my studies. My fellow tutor told me this afternoon to take a break however my mind is telling me otherwise. My mind is telling me “if you won’t study today you will miss a lot and you do not want to double your effort near exam day. 

I have booked my next exam on the 27th of August CCNP Switch and hopefully finish everything on the 23th of October for Tshoot. Going to try to make history (well a personal one) of getting CCNA, CCNP within a little over a year. I feel that I can do it as long as I stay focus and motivated. I have all the materials and gear in front of me all I have to do is study, its all up to me now. 

I cannot be bothered creating videos but I will try to post my notes online as a way to help me study. Let us see what will happen. 

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