2 weeks since ccnp route

I was looking at my calendar last night without realizing its been only 2 weeks since I took my route exam. I am impressed how far I’ve gone with my switch study. I have gone through all the CBTNuggets videos and i think half way through Cris Bryant’s CCNP switch boot camp series. As much as possible I try to learn something new each day.

My thoughts, it clearly drew a line that differentiate ccna from ccnp. Going through route I realized that there were a lot of topics that was on the new ccna that overlapped on routing.  Switching introduced layer 3 switching, deeper understanding of security, voip which included quality of service, wireless and more access-list particularly vlan acls. ACLs are every where. If CCNA was big on subnetting, I could say CCNP was huge on ACLs, ACLs are in PBR, VACL, PACL, iACL, distributive list, prefix list and the list goes on. 

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