Recover the UC540


For the last two days I have not been focused on my CCNP switch exam however I have been busy with other Cisco related stuff. I have been playing around with UC540, all I can say is if there one device I can choose from Cisco this should be it. The ultimate ISR, it does switching, routing, VPN, voip, integrate with your PSTN and wireless. That is just sick technology in this small baby. Plus! it is quiet.

While going through all the UC540s making sure everything is running ‘A’ ok. One of them had a 128Mb flash obviously swapped. Found it in one of the 1841s erased, awesome! So I had this exciting job of restoring the thing. 

When a router is rebooted without an IOS image file, it will come up in ROMMON mode.
This can be a very frustrating experience for users who are not familar with this process.
Using this document, you should be able to put a new image on the UC540

Connect a PC/Laptop to the WAN port. Don’t worry if the port won’t do anything.

I have given the PC the following settings:
IP Address:
Default Gateway:

I made sure I have the TAR file of the UC540 to extract the phone files and the IOS image itself. I am also using Solarwinds TFTP server. Make sure this is started.

In my example, the file is uc500-advipservicesk9-mz.124-20.T2. This is case sensitive.
You can get image files from
They are inside of software packs but start off with uc500-advipservices.
You must have a CCO login to access that URL.

The following commands will configure the UC500 and start the TFTP download process. You must connect to the console port of the UC500 for the next steps.

rommon 10 > IP_ADDRESS= (This is the temporary IP address assigned to the UC500)
rommon 11 > IP_SUBNET_MASK= (Same as on the tftp server)
rommon 12 > DEFAULT_GATEWAY=
rommon 13 > TFTP_SERVER= (Tftp server’s IP address)
rommon 14 > TFTP_FILE=uc500-advipservicesk9-mz.124-20.T2 (Exact name – case sensitive)
rommon 15 > TFTP_CHECKSUM=0
rommon 16 > tftpdnld
it will ask you then if you want to continue with the tftp download process

This text following text will allow you to cut and paste, making this process easier.

At this point, the router should reboot and come up with the new image.

At this point its not yet done, I still need to extract the phone files on the router via TFTP server with the command. 

Router# archive tar /extract tftp:// flash:

Once everything is extracted, type dir and look for the file: UC540W-FXO-K9-factory-7.1.3.cfg then overwrite the start-up config

Router# copy flash:UC540W-FXO-K9-factory-7.1.3.cfg start



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