Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard…

There are days when you just don’t feel like working, doing something. For the past couple of days I realized I have been more focused on what the other guy is doing. I was thinking its unfair how come I have to work hard and they don’t and still get away with it. 

There are even days when I start doubting myself if I can actually take my switch exam on schedule. I go through the practice exams and I end up empty, like I have no idea what the question is all about. 

Last Sunday at Church a visiting pastor said something about “work willingly”, meaning no matter how little/minuscule the job is give it your best. It reminded me of a quote from Don Bosco, the priest who championed the youth in his time, build schools which I am a product of.He said to do all things extra ordinarily well. He also said “Meliora Eligo” which means only the best.

Excellence always comes with the price of working hard and its a marathon not a sprint. Kevin Durant of OKC was right “Hard work beats talent with talent doesn’t work hard”….  

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