642-813 done!


The photo says it all, I have just cleared my cisco 642-813 exam more popularly known as the CCNP switch exam. I am pretty happy with it considering I took the exam only a month and a week since I took my Route exam. That would prove then that it is possible to study for a CCNP exam within the month.

Observations would be the same, simulation is still clunky, does not allow me to save my configs in some of the switches. I do not know if it was misconfiguration or a bug but instructions stated I should configure a radius-server, the command is available but the moment I press enter its saying the command is not available, its just weird.

Oh well, at least it was a better score than the route exam. Pass is pass and its off to Tshoot, the last and final exam for me to make me a Cisco Certified Network Professional for Routing and Switching..2nd highest certification that can be achieved in the Cisco Universe:)

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