Protected Ports

It can sometimes be annoying when you have schoolers just come to school to do their LAN parties. We there are times I can’t blame them since the teacher does not have anything for them to do. There came a day were we had to use something to create heavy traffic to slow their game down. 

While studying during the CCNP switch exam, I came across the switchport protected command. It is like your basic isolated private vian. Protected ports won’t see each other but unprotected can. If that’s the case I can configure all host ports in protected mode while the uplink as unprotected. All host can still access the internet while stopping them from doing their LAN parties.

configure terminal

int range fa0/2 – 24

switchport mode access

switchport protected

* All ports by default are unprotected. To verify you can issue

show interface fa0/2 | inc protected


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