mixed GNS3+3750s+2950s+Ubuntu…an awesome tshoot lab

I was so pumped knowing I will be using actual gear for my practice lab studying for Tshoot. I had a copy of the labs that will be covered for the exam and realized I am short of routers. I am short of atleast 2 routers, I have no choice then but to use mixed emulation and actual gear.

All of my routers will be in GNS3 while switches will be the same gear I used in my Switch exam, 2 3750s and 2 2950s.

For some reason I have been having issues bridging my routers using the cloud. NIC cards are not showing up however with Ubuntu its been working. I got stuck in a bit when I tried to console in one of the switches. It was giving me a /dev/ttyS0 permission deny error.

Apparently all I had to do was to add my user account to the dialout group by issuing the following commands:

groups delan <delan is my username in ubuntu>

sudo gpasswd –add delan dialout

Let the labs begin!!!! Oh yeah connection from GNS3 router to actual switch can only run in half duplex so I had to do the following with the switch

int fa0/1

duplex half

speed auto

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