Tshoot day!!:)

Its assessment week for my cisco students for the next 2 weeks. It is also a way for us to gauge what the students body of knowledge and competency in terms of how they were able to learn for the last 7 weeks. The challenge I guess was the fact that we got students still coming in (newly enrolled) 5-6 weeks into the course. Not to mention staff whining about the system but not really doing something about it. 

I guess I am whining about whiners…

I gotta get those instructional videos up, I got my virtual machines, I got my wacom tablet (thanks to my fellow staff who gave it to me for free) bless you Shaun, I have my MS expression capture software and I am good to go. Just need to organise when to do them. Believe me there’s been attempts but so far I am not happy with them.

BTW, in 3.5 hours I will be taking my TSHOOT exam and will have to drive again for almost 2 hours to the Gold Coast for it. Just keeping up with tradition. I can always take it in the city (CBD) but whatever. That is probably the reason why I am up early. A bit excited because I am almost at the end of my CCNP R&S journey. 


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