VMware Certified Associate in Data Center Virtualization (VCA-DCV) what a mouthful to say for a name of a vendor cert and probably the last one for me as far as vendor cert’s concern. Yes you read it right, I just took my VCA exam actually an hour ago and passed (barely). 

I figured since I do not have the money to pay for my VCP, which is a requirement before even thinking of taking the exam. Not to mention the exam itself is more than 200+aud. I had to settle for the next best thing which is VCA. Well its a first for me, you still have to take the exam via pearsonvue. Paid $120aud which cost a limb to me considering my current financial condition:(

I went through the free online-training that vmware provided and practice exams. The weird thing about the practice exam is that you can take it 99 times but if you get 100% you won’t have access to it any more. My thoughts on the free training, it is not enough. You still have to go through other reading materials to familiarize yourself with VMware products. 

Yes, I will admit VCA seems more like a marketing certification because it just lets you master the different solutions VMware offer. It does not have lab simulations or asks you anything about configurations, mostly scenarios and what products/feature that will address the issue. 

The exam is online, un-proctored environment so you can open your notes but I think if you don’t really understand what the products are it would still be very difficult to answer the questions. It’s purely scenario based and google wasn’t much of help. Like I said I barely pass only shows I need to do more labs. 

Its a first step towards VCP5.5-DCV, which will not happen until 2015. 

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