What’s been happening

Today marks the year since I took my long overdued CCNA for Routing and Switching and I will say a lot has changed since then. For one, I think I have started this addiction of going for certifications or this craving to learn more.

Jeremy Cioara of CBTnuggets was right when he said, the more you know the more you will say you do not know. The IT industry is more than just Cisco and microsoft, its way more, its the cloud, its load balancers, its database, its servers, virtualisations, software driven networks, network virtualisation and much much much more. I don’t even know where to start.

If you have been following me, the plan is to go for VMware’s VCP on network virtualisation assuming I will be ready before February 28, 2015. With hiccups I have been getting from my lab on a budget and another non-IT related certificate that I need to finish this year, I am not really sure if VCP-NV is feasible.

Another option I am looking at is Cisco’s Design path, take CCDA then Arch to get CCDP. It is not a bad cert path considering I only need to go through 2 exam to get my 2nd pro-level cert from cisco. However, that would not balance me out, I wanted a non-cisco cert like VMware or something else.

I have been going out there looking for opportunities outside my current work. I need a more consistent pay and schedule. To be fair, I enjoyed working for only 3.5 days a week and getting paid as much as a full time employee but uncertainty is just stressful. Let us just wait and see.

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