It’s been a week since I have been out of commission and just at home recuperating from back pains. Turns out I have a minor slip disc in my spine and will be seeing a neuro-surgeon tomorrow as a precautionary measure. Praying really hard that I won’t end up on an operating table.

Anyway, updates…Looking at my calendar and the things I have to accomplish before the end of the year seems like getting a VCP-NV would not be possible. However, I would be taking another certification exam in a month’s time. It is the Brocade Certified vRouter Engineer which focuses on virtual routing using Vyatta.

What really attracted me to this certification is that it was free for a limited time, the training, software and the exam itself. Unlike VMware’s VCA cert where you can take it from home, this one, you have to book it in a testing center. As usual, I booked it on a Thursday morning at Gold Coast out of tradition.

Going through the study materials, I find it really interesting to learn because its running off linux commands and its CLI. Yes, you can configure the vRouter using the web based GUI but I’d much rather prefer using the CLI. So far, no kinks in the labs unlike my vmware labs wherein Esxi is just finicky when it comes to NIC cards installed on your whitebox.

Let us see how I go and will keep all of you updated.

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