Tasting Failure

Last Thursday I sat my Brocade Certified vRouter Certification exam. Drove almost an hour going to the Gold Coast, did my usual routine, got there almost an hour earlier, took the exam and the only difference this time is that I failed the exam in a screaming heap.

I will not make any excuses, I was way over my head with everything that I am doing and feeling a little cocky thinking that my CCNP knowledge will get me through it. Yes I did get a 100% on everything that maps to cisco but 0% on vendor specific questions. It was an exam where I was just clueless with my answers despite being multiple choice questions.

A few minutes ago I scheduled to take this exam one more time. I knew this day would come that I would fail an exam and all I have to do is to just take it again until I get. I am persistent, I will get my BCvRE and I will get that 3rd vendor logo on my resume.

the Road to BCvRE restarts today…

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