Stuck in Action, SIA in life….

There are times I asked myself why did I take my CCNP R&S. Yes I will admit in the beginning it was so cool to have the highest certification at work then I added another one with VMWare. There’s going to be another one after I re-take my brocade certification and a lot more in the pipes by next year.

What good does that do for me though? Being honest with myself, I just realized it only proves I know how to study and prepare for an exam and that’s it. If I don’t apply this in real world scenarios, it would be useless. Its like spending two semesters taking up cookery and just end up making coffee at a coffee shop.

There’s this need in me to be out there. Don’t get me wrong, I love my profession as a teacher, students may not be as amazing as how most of them I expect them to be but its amazing. However, something in me is telling me, if I stay longer I will be stuck. I fear just like the people around me who has been there for more than a decade, comfortable and just plain stuck. Yes technology will change which in turn will force TAFE to change but its all going to be theoretical.

Getting my CCNP and my VCA would be useless if I don’t get out there and use it. Thank God there was HP, once in a while I get to apply my skills. The work may not be in a data center but at least its real not in a lab environment. If I am not out there I feel I am doing such an injustice to my students. Aside from being current with their certifications, I am beginning to believe that teachers as much as possible should be exposed to whatever is happening out there.

Maybe I am just being too idealistic, either that or I am thirsty for something more than a make believe scenarios.

Note: I am constantly putting myself out there in my quest getting that Network Engineer job. Currently working part-time as a Level 3 Contract ICT Engineer with HP and ITFM to balance me out.

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