Frustrated with 70-410 studies…Road to MCSA

It’s been a warm day here in Brissy, start of holiday for most people specially the schoolies. I finished my last deployment for HP yesterday while providing support to our users. While others are in relax and stress-free mode, mine is just mounting up. I am trying to get my MCSA in Windows 2012r2 and starting with the first exam 70-410 Installing and Configuring Server 2012r2. Honestly I find it difficult studying this compared to when I was doing my cisco certs.

Its just weird, I work with Windows almost everyday, teach Server and server security last semester at TAFE but I can’t seem to get my head around this technology completely. I got my lab set up, running a Xeon server with 16G of ram firing up 2 2012r2 servers and 2-3 client Windows 7 & 8 machines. This morning I was on the topic of ABE and offline file access and I couldn’t seem to get it running properly.

On the DC, which I also made a file server I created a folder, inside the folder I had two other folders named user1 and user2 containing a text file each. I have set up its share and NTFS permissions as well as offline capabilities for user1. I had 2 users named user1 and user2, As far as sharing and permission is concerned I was able to create the scenario that user1 can only access user1 folder and not see user2 folder and vice versa. However, when I set the computer offline and did some changes on the text file, it doesn’t want to sync with the file server once it gets online again.

I was giving me an access denied error. I have set up my GPO to allow syncing both local and on the server GPO and still doesn’t work. Its becoming frustrating. Another thing is it takes forever (most of the time) whenever you configure something on the network, may it be handing out IP addresses when you have 2 DHCP servers set up for fault tolerance. It’s driving me nuts. It’s totally different from CISCO where its pretty straight forward, configure this and that then boom its working, if not, run a debug and you can immediately see why its not working.

I guess I am good with the concepts, its actually making it work on my lab environment that really frustrates me. I am getting more things done when I was doing my VMware and Brocade studies than with Microsoft.

On a side note, I might be with a different company by the start of the year. I received an offer from an RTO for the position of IT support which will lead to System Administrator. I am still 50/50 about it to be honest, waiting for this other opportunity to work for an ISP down the Gold Coast which is really in line with what I want…but so far I notice I never really get to have what I really want so far as far as job hunting is concerned.

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