Road to CCIE R&S

Yes you are reading this right. I am about to embark on my CCIE R&S journey. The dream job of working for a service provider happened, It was really an awkward moment leaving my current job as an IT Officer after only 3 weeks. I had to do what has to be done. I told myself that the only reason I can start on my IE is if I can be surrounded by Cisco routers and switches (aside from home) and with network engineers to mentor me.

I’ve started researching on CCIE v5, like what are the hardware/software recommendations and study materials. From the looks of it, I really need to get myself some proper gear. My 1800, 2900, 3700s routers and switches running IOS 12 won’t cut it anymore. Going through the exam blueprint, there’s a huge gap between the CCNP and the CCIE in terms of exam topics. I have acquired the official CCIE guide by Narbik volume 1 and probably start reading on that ASAP. I will also be going through all my CCNP materials as a refresher minus the removed topics.

I am excited to be honest. What motivates me to get CCIE? It is not really the potential pay rise but learning more. That feeling of pushing your limits and getting to understand all these technologies.

Tentatively I intend to take the written exam either mid or late this year. Depending on how work and family time goes this year. Road to CCIE v5 begins…

PS: Unfortunately, MCSA will not be a priority this year. Brocade will still be on the radar as the new company I will be working with has some serious Brocade gear…

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