Feels like CCNA all over again

I believe I used the same title of a blog I wrote two years ago when I started my CCNP exam prep. It does feel like CCNA in a sense there’s just so much stuff to cover but I don’t know where to start. I am pretty sure I still know my basics, its just that going through the CCIEv5 blueprint is daunting. My description is, its like preparing for the 3 exam of CCNP plus so much more into a single exam.

Rene Molenar of GNS3vault was right when he said, there’s a huge gap between the CCNP and the CCIE. It’s not like between CCNP and CCNA where little by little some of the topics are being brought down the CCNA level. It just so happens that I did a couple of advance CCIE reading during my CCNP studies so in a way I am a bit familiar with some topics.

I am still undecided if I should sign up for INE this early on my studies. Firstly, they are expensive. I just signed up for an annual subscription with CBTnuggets because I thought I was going to get my MCSA and ITIL this year. 2nd, I’m thinking of passing the written exam first then get into INE or IPExpert.

As much as possible I wanna invest on the best training materials and equipment so there’s really no excuse for me not to pass the exam. I am even thinking of setting up another server to run either VIRL or CSR1000v, then again I would probably do that after the written exam.

On a lighter note, new work is starting next week. All the way to the Gold Coast, an hours drive away from me. So I don’t know how that will affect my studies.

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