Living the dream

Two things that really pushed me or inspired me to go corporate when I was teaching: Firstly, when one of my students asked “With the cert that you have why are you teaching here at TAFE…” and when one of my teachers said for young guys like you tutoring/teaching in TAFE should just serve as a jumping board to bigger things. Gain experience and then just go back to teaching. He was most definitely right. Got myself out there and finally landed into something amazing.

I’ve always dreamed of getting my CCIE number but find no reason to get one. There’s really no point of getting it if I am not working with routers/switches in the enterprise level. This week I’ve started working for a service provider down the Gold Coast as part of their NOC team. I guess I’m still in the hibernate stage for the next few weeks since I will be introduced to all their technologies and products. This week I’m shadowing the senior level 1/2 tech engineer, next week I will be shadowing the service design manager and will be shading the level 2 engineer who I will be replacing in a couple of weeks/months.

It’s amazing being surrounded by people who are so passionate about what they do. These guys who are way younger than I am and knows so much more of the network are amazing. They don’t have their CCNA, well there are about to get theirs but I realized my CCNP is nothing compared to what they know. They showed me the data center, the equipment. I feel like a kid in Toys R Us. It was amazing.

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