Monitor your top protocols on your cisco router

What if you want to find out what’s taking up your bandwidth but you don’t have netflow or any monitoring tool available? All you have if your Cisco router. The answer is NBAR (Network-Based Application Recognition). It is so simple! On the WAN interface, configure terminal interface fa0/4 ip nbar protocol-discovery To see the stats: show ip nbar protocol-discovery stats bit-rate top-n 5 The show command is basically asking to show the top 5 protocols being used in the network. nbar Obviously my router is not connected to a network, so it wouldn’t capture any traffic for the time you have activated nbar.

Sunday fever

I have been missing in action for the last couple of weeks due to a number of reasons, work, life and currently sick with what seems to be a flu. Pretty busy work schedule aside from driving all the way to the coast, had to ramp up getting my head around the system and our network.

I got my Brocades installed in one of our data centers, which is pretty cool and I have to configure and prepare a few more for our network and I think for a customer as well.

I am going to take my Brocade exam again. For those who are just reading this blog or who’s not following me, I did attempt the Brocade Certified vRouter Engineer (BCVRE) exam a couple of months ago. Arrogance got the best of me, thinking my CCNP R&S can carry me through. I failed in a screaming heap, a humbling moment actually. Now I will attempt to take it again. Initially I wanted to do it in May, but figured I might do it before that…maybe this week..maybe.

Starting my full swing training on provisioning. When I started, I went through bits and pieces of it and was able to order or configure a couple but that was part of training. Now I get to officially be taken out of the support queue a couple of hours a day to get me up and running with provisioning. That’s actually another reason why I want to get the Brocade exam out of the way asap.

In terms of projects, just the Brocades, Brocades cert and CCNA Service Provider. It is a bit annoying, CCNA SP requires 2 exam, regardless if you have taken your CCENT or CCNA. Oh well, let us see. After that, I will really go full swing with CCIE RS.

I also got my hands into a couple of Fortigates and Sonicwall firewalls, not really too exciting since its all GUI. I guess its all about finding where things are and you are all set. Being a CLI person, GUI doesn’t really excite me too much.

That is it for now..

Upgrading Brocades ICX 6110’s FastIron

brocadesFor the last three weeks, I have been working on having a couple of Brocade ICX 6110 switches to be deployed as a top of rack switch in one of our Data Centers. I had an amazing opportunity to work on the project which entails doing the templates and research the ideal firmware upgrade on these switches.

After a number of back and forth emails with the guys from Brocade, I have finally decided to go for FastIron ver 7.4 instead of going to version 8.0. One being as per Brocade’s recommendation, version 8 would be ideal if we were running Layer-3 Premium/Advanced license on the switches.

Here are the software/hardware involved in this process:

  • 2 x Brocade ICX 6110 running FastIron version 7.3
  • Windows machine
  • Solarwinds TFTP Server
  • MyBrocade Account
  • Firmware copy of FastIron ver 7.4.00gT7F3

I did not bother installing the boot code since nothing has changed.

To be continued…