Upgrading Brocades ICX 6110’s FastIron

brocadesFor the last three weeks, I have been working on having a couple of Brocade ICX 6110 switches to be deployed as a top of rack switch in one of our Data Centers. I had an amazing opportunity to work on the project which entails doing the templates and research the ideal firmware upgrade on these switches.

After a number of back and forth emails with the guys from Brocade, I have finally decided to go for FastIron ver 7.4 instead of going to version 8.0. One being as per Brocade’s recommendation, version 8 would be ideal if we were running Layer-3 Premium/Advanced license on the switches.

Here are the software/hardware involved in this process:

  • 2 x Brocade ICX 6110 running FastIron version 7.3
  • Windows machine
  • Solarwinds TFTP Server
  • MyBrocade Account
  • Firmware copy of FastIron ver 7.4.00gT7F3

I did not bother installing the boot code since nothing has changed.

To be continued…

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