Sunday fever

I have been missing in action for the last couple of weeks due to a number of reasons, work, life and currently sick with what seems to be a flu. Pretty busy work schedule aside from driving all the way to the coast, had to ramp up getting my head around the system and our network.

I got my Brocades installed in one of our data centers, which is pretty cool and I have to configure and prepare a few more for our network and I think for a customer as well.

I am going to take my Brocade exam again. For those who are just reading this blog or who’s not following me, I did attempt the Brocade Certified vRouter Engineer (BCVRE) exam a couple of months ago. Arrogance got the best of me, thinking my CCNP R&S can carry me through. I failed in a screaming heap, a humbling moment actually. Now I will attempt to take it again. Initially I wanted to do it in May, but figured I might do it before that…maybe this week..maybe.

Starting my full swing training on provisioning. When I started, I went through bits and pieces of it and was able to order or configure a couple but that was part of training. Now I get to officially be taken out of the support queue a couple of hours a day to get me up and running with provisioning. That’s actually another reason why I want to get the Brocade exam out of the way asap.

In terms of projects, just the Brocades, Brocades cert and CCNA Service Provider. It is a bit annoying, CCNA SP requires 2 exam, regardless if you have taken your CCENT or CCNA. Oh well, let us see. After that, I will really go full swing with CCIE RS.

I also got my hands into a couple of Fortigates and Sonicwall firewalls, not really too exciting since its all GUI. I guess its all about finding where things are and you are all set. Being a CLI person, GUI doesn’t really excite me too much.

That is it for now..

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