Whats been happening May 2015

I will be taking my exam this week for the Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA). I have gone through the videos and study materials that I have. Gone through practice exams so I think I am set and have exhausted everything, to the point that I am beginning to feel sick again. Reminds me of the time I was studying for CCNP Route, I was literally throwing up.

Anyway, on a non-technical and non-cisco related stuff, Manny “pac-man” Pacquiao lost to Money Mayweather in a unanimous decision. Not really sure how to feel about it. Mayweather really played it smart. There was a lot of hugging and running never really engaging Pac-man because he knows he won’t win in a brawl with him.

As for Manny, yeah he threw a lot of punches and lets admit, there were a lot of punches and most of them missed. He was just thrown off his game with all the hugging and running around and pop-shots he’s getting. It is not worth having a rematch if we know its going to be the same thing in the next match.

My server’s mobo finally decided its done. So I am back to my laptop. It sucks because now I can’t access my files. It sucks because I should have had all my files on the freenas box. Good thing I had some stuff on my laptop at work (not this laptop that I am using). I have another laptop that I left at work and I am currently remotely accessing via remote portal to access my cisco stuff.

Work is in the process of offering cloud PBX to our customers, this week the consultant will be coming over and I get to be a part of the panel to see the demo. Our CEO has invited me to be a part of the panel, pretty stoked about it. Now this is tempting me to study Cisco Collaboration…I should learn how to focus as studying for Collaboration would derail me again towards my goal of getting my CCIE number

I have been in linkedin lately looking for CCIE’s from the Philippines, I have not met one. I wanna try pick their brains out by asking questions like the study they did, how they balanced family life etc. Found a couple and hopefully they respond back to me. I am looking for a mentor to keep me ontrack to this journey that I am about to take.

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