CCDA achieved!!!


This afternoon I took my CCDA exam and passed. The score I got was not as amazing as what I got from my BCvRE exam but hey…this is cisco, it is not meant to be easy. The rumours are true, there are a lot of drag and drops which almost made me believe I will fail the exam.

So I previously mentioned in my earlier blogs, CCDA gives you a 10,000 foot view of everything Cisco from a Network Design perspective. It did not cover ACI, Cisco’s SDN technology which I believe will be encountered once I start studying for the ARCH exam to achieve my CCDP. Most of the questions were all right as my training in CCNP R&S and work experience helped a lot.

Thanks to Anthony Sequiera of CBTNuggets, it may not have covered everything but watching training videos for me is always a good jumping board then off to the books when going deep into the topics.

What’s next, going back to Brocade’s BCNE.

PS: I read a blog about Wireshark Certified Network Analyst WCNA exam…pretty cool to have as a skill set…

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