CloudPBX demo, revisiting QoS and my server

Yesterday I had the opportunity to sit in a room together with the company’s big guys to check out the CloudPBX system we are about to roll out as one of our services. If what they are saying its true, they are the first Australian own CloudPBX solution available in the market today.

The company is Bicom systems, they demonstrated a multi-tenent CloudPBX system that supports a number of features. I spent a few minutes this morning checking out their website and they happen to have an on-line demo of their product. I plan to have more time to play around with it in the next couple of days.

Playing with the idea of doing a how-to blog, once I get more familiar with the tech.


I am supposed to start on my next exam, the Brocade Certified Network Engineer (BCNE). I got side tracked with studying QoS and Cisco VoIP stuff up until this evening. Completely understood some of the detailed concepts of COS, ToS, DSCP and trust boundaries. How AFxx translates to binary and how to configure them on the router.

I felt I need to re-visit them as I had a question on my queue asking about how to prioritize SMB traffic over their MPLS network this week. I had to consult with my senior engineers for an answer, only to find out it was no different to how we treat voice and video QoS.

I also discovered you can do QoS labs on Packet Tracer but won’t be able to use dcsp marking which would have been amazing. You will be limited to use ip precedence 0-7. At least it is there for simple QoS labs and stuff.



I am still contemplating on getting a decent server for my studies. Torn between getting a rack mounted server or just your typical PC with gaming components to handle my computing requirements specially if I intend to run GNS3, ESXi etc enough to run labs for the CCIE.

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