BCNE is next…

BCNE (1)

There is something about the Brocades that attracts me to it. Many people thought that Juniper is Cisco’s closest competitor in the networking arena, its actually this company here. Back in 2010, Brocade certs used to be ranked as the number 1 cert to have because they were so sought after.

Lucas Arts, San Diego’s 911 and major universities in the United States have Brocades in their core network. Telecoms in Australia such as Telstra, Vocus and AAPT have brocades mixed in with their Cisco’s. Where I work, we have the Brocade 6610’s running as our top-of-rack switches in our core infrastructure delivering 10Gb bandwidth.

Brocade is more known for its storage capabilities and they make a lot of money out of it. Money that they are now funnelling to their Vyatta vRouter product line. Enough to convince me to go for their certs. I already have their Brocade Certified vRouter Engineer cert, its time to get the Brocade Certified Network Engineer cert which is almost equivalent to Cisco’s CCNA R&S.

Brocade was nice enough to reimburse my exam if I pass it. Have not booked the exam yet but will be in a few days. Just letting work load settle down.

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