Mid-week slack

For the last couple of days I have been slack with my studies. I have been smashed from work with so much tickets and provisioning work, I don’t even have enough energy to even look at any notes. Every single day I get to drive at least an hour to and from work. Two hours a day that I could have spent time studying. There are days where I would just play a podcast from packetpushers or CBT to keep me up to date but really can’t focus to much as I am driving.

Iain, one of our contacts from Brocade has asked if I have taken my BCNE yet. I told him I just took my CCDA and hopefully sit the exam in three weeks.

Speaking of packet pushers, I discovered Ethan Bank’s blog site and it chronicled his CCIE journey. It’s actually reading one of his blog posts today that compelled me to put in something for tonight.

Work may be horrible for the last couple of days (more like sucked badly) but its not an excuse to keep my eyes off the price. It’s like going to the gym (I know its a bad example as I don’t go to one) you just have to push on whatever it takes.


Nothing really exciting, just having to deal with mostly ADSL issues. Australia should just stop using ADSL and have a law making it illegal to use it. It is just a horrible service. Too sensitive, too clunky, too hard to troubleshoot and just sucks. Unfortunately according to a news article I read recently USA and China are the top 2 countries that are still using the technology. It is still far better than satellite, which another technology that should be banned from being used. When I was living in the US, I tried satellite internet and it was the worst ever. It is so sensitive to weather.


It gets my blood pumping whenever I get to provision complicated networks, not really complicated but more than your typical internet connection. Anything with redundancy, fail-over, HSRP, you get the drift. Anything that would have a chance to completely take the service down if I screw up:) I got a couple this week but the rest of the week I was stuck with ADSL.

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