Playing with the new OOB and stacking up Cisco/Brocade gear


It has been challenging getting a how-to blog as I have been flogged with work. I can’t even find the time for the last 2 weeks to study both for Brocade and Cisco. I have a couple of how-to’s lined up once I get the chance and one of them is with regards to Opengear.

I was able to test and configure this bad boy this week as we are in the process of replacing all our ancient 2511 OoBs with this one. It is so sexy, neat features such as dual LAN access, 3G capability and wifi.

Aside from getting to play with Opengear, I get to put together a couple of Cisco ASR, MEs and Brocades on the tech bench in preparation to deploy them to one of our POPs. This week I have set-up the Brocades ICX switches in a stack for a robust redundancy.

To sum it all up…fun times.

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