Reserving a statically assigned IP address to a device’s mac-address

There are instances and this is fairly common to medical environments/facilities where you can’t dynamically assign an IP address to a device out of security or other reasons. Most of these devices you have to ask the vendor to hard-code the IP before shipping to the customer.

So if you have cisco routers onsite and they also function as the DHCP server, it is essential that they can reserve and designate these IPs to particular devices via their mac-address.

In this simple how-to, I will show you how to hard-code IPs to network devices using their mac-address. Make sure you exclude the IPs that you are reserving by doing the exclude command, set-up your dhcp configs then set your static pool. Don’t forget to label them for future troubleshooting.

Scenario, I got three devices, a printer, a pc and a medical device maybe a catscan that needs to send info via the network.

ip dhcp excluded-address
ip dhcp excluded-address
ip dhcp excluded-address
ip dhcp pool sdm-pool
import all
ip dhcp pool static1
ip dhcp pool static2
client-identifier 00.21.9B.66.30.09
client-name COMPANY_SERVER
ip dhcp pool static3
client-identifier 00.00.74.F0.77.E1
client-name MEDICAL_DEVICE

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